RafaelHuman Workspace wholeheartedly supports the IET’s (Institution of Engineering and Technology) ‘Engineering Work Experience for All’ campaign, which aims to highlight the importance of work placement and internships for engineering students.

We spoke to Rafael, a recent engineering graduate who is interning as a Design Technician at Human Workspace, about his experience with us so far.


What were you doing before you joined us at Human Workspace?

I qualified in mechanical engineering from University Carlos III in Madrid before coming to the UK to gain more professional experience and to improve my English. My course was unique in that it was taught primarily in English with a small element in Spanish so coming to the UK to work wasn’t quite as much of a challenge!


What have you gained so far from the experience? 

It’s been useful to visit so many different manufacturing environments as although each one is different, there are obvious similarities between them – some good, and some not so good! Part of my role is to analyse the not so good issues and help address them, primarily through improved workspace layout and appropriate furniture.


What current projects are you working on?

I’m working on a range of projects, from carrying out manufacturing process assessments to designing manufacturing cells all with the aim of increasing productivity and workflow. I’m also exploring ergonomics in the workplace and developing a range of ideas that help address the health issues associated with prolonged sitting, specifically in the manufacturing environment.


What improvements do you believe the manufacturing industry should be looking to make in the near future?

There’s increasing evidence that sitting for too long slow the metabolism and is linked with obesity, some types of cancer, and early death. Prolonged standing has also been linked with ill-health but with increased awareness of the health benefits as well as improved productivity through the use of sit-stand workspaces, these issues may soon be a thing of the past. It’s amazing that a workstation that facilitates the seamless switching between sitting and standing throughout the day can potentially not only improve someone’s life but actually extend it!


What are the most interesting parts of your current projects and why?

Taking a problem and creating the perfect solution for each individual customer’s requirements. I enjoy working out the best way to address a problem within a budget and creating something that actually helps improve a company’s efficiency.


What are your personal goals for the future?

I’m hoping to play for Real Madrid(!) but if that doesn’t happen, I’d like to improve my English and my engineering skills and eventually have my own international company!


Want to know more?

Find out how Rafael and the rest of the Human Workspace team can improve productivity in your place of work through ergonomic workspace design and give us a call on 01273 704520 to chat about your needs.