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To give you the best service, we need to work with the best suppliers. We've developed close relationships with the very best technical workspace manufacturers, all of whom share our commitment to creating ergonomic solutions that will help you get the most out of your workspace.


Racking, shelving and other storage

We have our own-brand range of storage systems, sourced from class-leading manufacturers around the globe and stocked in large quantities here in the UK, so you can be sure of quick delivery and great prices for storage products of the highest quality.
We offer pallet racking, longspan and small parts shelving, chrome wire racks, cabinets, lockers, plastic bins and trolleys; everything you need for an end-to-end infrastructure for you manufacturing facility.
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Modular workstations and manufacturing cells

We’ve been a project house for Treston for over 20 years. We love their leading-edge modular, re-deployable industrial ESD furniture, and we know how to configure it for everything from individual workstations to enterprise-wide flow lines.
Their range comprises ergonomic workstations, storage cabinets and shelving, manual conveyors, trolleys and packing solutions, all of which are inter-connectable to create a lean infrastructure tailored to your processes.


Specialist industrial and laboratory seating

We are extremely happy to be the UK distributor for Techsit industrial seating. For many years we heard stories about the shortcomings of chairs used in technical environments, but Techsit’s seating has changed everything.
Engineered to eliminate the specific frailties of standard chairs when used in more demanding environments, Techsit chairs will change your workplace forever.
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Workplace manipulator and materials handling

If you have a two-man-lift workpiece that you need to flip several times during the assembly process to access both sides, how do you do so, safely and efficiently?
Logitrans can design a custom jig to your rotator or lifter and safely hold a workpiece while it rotates. The same machine could be used to move the workpiece through a sequential flow build, eliminating double handling. Simple, efficient, clever.
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Aluminium profile construction system

Alprofil’s modular solution is built on aluminium profile frames and can be tailored to t any space, according to your needs. We have a huge range of fittings, providing endless possibilities for your workspace.
Typically used for support framework for large workpieces in process or unique machine bases, transfer systems and jigs.
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Integrated power and connectivity solutions

CMD provide us with custom power and connectivity rails that snap seamlessly into our workstation backplanes.
Standard solutions incorporate a complement of eight standard UK power outlets. We’re able to take special orders, which can incorporate a huge range of different power, data, voice, USB and test points. We have even supplied rails with internal DC power or test reference PCBs.